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We’re a Team Of Committed Craftspeople

Brian and Leti Thiessen run the business from their St. Clements Design Centre and Manufacturing Shop. With over 25 years of woodworking experience, Brian, Leti and their team pride themselves on their craftsmanship, quality and customer service.

the Cabinet Effects team of employees and Brian and Leti Thiessen
Brian and Leti Thiessen

Our Story

Cabinet Effects was founded in 2009 by experienced woodworker Brian Thiessen. A seasoned cabinet maker, Brian, his wife Leti and their team pride themselves on delivering truly custom cabinetry to customers across Waterloo Region and throughout Southwestern Ontario.

“At the heart of everything that we do here, is a genuine love of our products, customers and amazing team; who make it all possible.”

Brian & Leti Thiessen

Our Purpose & Commitment

Our Purpose: We exist to improve the lives of our clients and team members through effective communication, design, and creation of quality custom cabinetry and interiors.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

1. To LISTEN to our clients and offer input, suggestions, and services in the areas we identify through our communication with them and to NOT persuade, coerce, or manipulate a client’s opinions or ideas for our own sole benefit.

2. To be a RESOURCE to our clients’ needs on products and services, and communicate with them in all areas clearly and in a prompt manner, equipping them to make informed and tactful decisions for their needs.

3. To provide the BEST in customer service and support in the custom cabinetry market in South Western Ontario from initial contact through to installation and warranty honouring.

Our Commitment to Our Team

1. To VALUE & LISTEN To each individual team member, and consider their perspectives in important areas of the Cabinet Effects procedures and culture.

2. To continually REVIEW, INNOVATE and IMPROVE our procedures and methods from start to finish of each process.

3. To PROVIDE a safe workplace for each team member where they can learn, grow, and contribute to our shared purpose utilizing their individual goals, skills, and strengths.

Our Process

Every step of the way we’ll keep your timelines, budget and specific needs in mind, always committing to open communication and your satisfaction.

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a Cabinet Effects' staff using a nail gun in a workshop
a Cabinet Effects' staff using a nail gun in a workshop

“We walked into your showroom and were immediately inspired! The evidence of your superb workmanship is in the immeasurable quality of the cabinetry in your showroom and in your sincere and expert guidance throughout the planning process! A huge thank you to you and your team for an exceptional job in bringing our vision to life!”

Sherri Phelan

Our Values Guide How We Work.

We’re a family company that takes pride in delivering truly custom cabinetry to clients across the Kitchener-Waterloo region and beyond. We believe that it takes a first-class team to create a first-class product. We do it by working as a team, not as individuals.

So you’ll know that your custom bespoke cabinetry will be made with pride.

Our Values

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We believe in treating our team and clients with respect and positivity.
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We take the time and effort to craft an industry-leading product.
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We’re clear communicators and are a resource to our team and clients.
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We are open to new ideas and suggestions and strive to be better.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are renovating more than just our kitchen. Can you help us with other aspects of a renovation project?

Through our network of contractors and trade partners, we can connect you with one of our preferred contractors and assist all our customers as much or as little as required for a successful interior transformation. From tile backsplash, flooring, electrical, plumbing, and everything else, we are here to help!

Will you refinish or reface existing cabinetry?

We have found that most often the amount of work that goes into modifying cabinetry that is already installed in a home can make for a costly, and impractical transformation. New cabinetry tends to offer both the most options, and best return on investment when customizations, design features, and warranties are factored in.

How far will you travel for a project?

We will travel throughout all southwestern Ontario and strive to effectively communicate with our customers in any location along the entire process from design through manufacturing and installation to ensure they are kept up to date on the details.

How much does an average kitchen cost?

Many factors will impact cost including materials, sizes, features, finishes, hardware, and other requirements. Our projects can range anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000+, all built to the same quality standards and backed by the same warranty, but much different by design and finishings. Our team of designers can help you to get a better sense of an estimated cost range for your project by filling out our simple intake form.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

While every project is unique, our team of designers will work at creating the perfect concept for our customers typically within 2-3 weeks of initiating our initial design phase. Manufacturing times can vary considerably based on many factors, but on average will be 10-12 weeks. Installations will typically take 4-5 days for cabinetry to be installed, plus another 2-3 weeks for solid surface countertops (if applicable).

What makes your cabinetry different?

Our custom bespoke cabinetry is specifically designed, built and installed into each home to a precise tolerance to fractions of an inch. We maximize the space and strive to come up with creative concepts and a bespoke approach to everything, from layouts to materials and textures, and performance. Plus, our process is tailored to each customer’s specific timelines, budgets, and needs. As always, our #1 goal is customer satisfaction.

What is your approach to safety and sustainability in your cabinetry?

With homes increasingly airtight, eco-friendly products and processes are more important than ever. At Cabinet Effects, we keep our products and processes green. We use eco-friendly materials and finishes in our production process to ensure our workers stay healthy and our customers get a safe and sustainable product. We care about our planet, and we’re doing our part to reduce harmful emissions while creating a better future for everyone. With our eco-friendly approach, you can be sure that your cabinets not only look great but also minimize our environmental impact.

I would be curious to learn the types of wood you work with and the benefits of each type.

We work with a wide variety of both natural solid woods, alongside real wood veneered and engineered products, both domestic and imported. Each type of material and wood species can offer different benefits (and sometimes drawbacks), and we will always make recommendations based on both the performance, as well as design requirements of each project.

How long will I be without a kitchen during the install process?

The scale of the work being done through the renovation process will directly impact the amount of time you will be without a kitchen. These items include structural changes, relocation of appliances & fixtures, flooring, and countertop selections. When combining your new kitchen cabinetry with a main floor renovation the process can take anywhere from 10 -12+ weeks, and a kitchen only renovation without major changes would be closer to 6-8 weeks.

How would you make stock cabinets look custom?

By offering a wide variety of cabinet door profile options, mouldings, colours, textures, and hardware we can create an unlimited version of the same design to elevate any cabinet to fit the needs of our customers.

Are custom cabinets worth it?

Price is what you pay, but value is what you get. A custom kitchen will maximize storage, and functionality because we are creating the perfect fit to the room, without wasted space for fillers or gaps. We work with 1/16” tolerances which allows every bit of space to be maximized for the use of storage, and workflow, regardless of the size of the space.

How do you build custom cabinets?

All our customer cabinetry is designed and built in our design & manufacturing space in St. Clements, Ontario. We start with cabinetry specific software to create a plan that is used to create materials lists and power our automated machines for precision cuts and material planning. We build every cabinet box by hand, and spray all of our water-based wood coatings with modern equipment for a flawless finish. We then put it all together when we install the doors and drawers onto the cabinet boxes, and ship to the job site with the mouldings, fillers, and accessories to be installed by our team.

Let’s Work Together

We’re ready to start upgrading your home. Fill out our simple intake form and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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